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An advertisement for the 2014 EngSoc Annual General Meeting

Congratulatory image for a 53% voter turnout

Academics Portfolio Hiring.jpg
An image advertising that Academics Portfolio is hiring

Alex Savides.jpg
A fact sheet describing a previous VP of student affairs, Alex Savides

Alex Shieck.jpg
A fact sheet detailing Alex Shieck, a previous director of conferences

Alex Wood.jpg
A fact sheet describing the previous director of human resources, Alex Wood

Alumni Relations Hiring.jpg
An advertisement promoting three different positions within Alumni Relations (Mentorship officer, Outreach officer, and academic officer)

AMS Twitter.jpg
An advertisement promoting the AMS Twitter page

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APSC 112.jpg
An image with the text APSC 112 and May the magnetic force be with you...

APSC 132.jpg
An image with the text APSC 132

APSC 152.jpg
AN image with the text APSC 152

APSC 172.jpg
Image with the text APSC 172 and May the integral be ever in your favour

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Buddy Boat Cruise.jpg
An advertisement promoting a boat cruise

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The purple variant of the CEO logo

Clark Hall Pub.psd
Logo for the Clark Hall Pub
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