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EngSoc Logo (Black).png
EngSoc Logo with black coloured text

EngSoc PowerPoint Template (Widescreen).pptx
The EngSoc PowerPoint Template in both Standard and Widescreen formatting

Golden Words.psd
The logo for Golden Words

EngSoc Business
EngSoc Business Card Resource

EngSoc Crest - No
EngSoc Crest without text

EngSoc Crest Master.png
EngSoc Master Crest (No text)

Clark Hall Pub.psd
Logo for the Clark Hall Pub

EngSoc Crest No Words Grey.jpg
EngSoc Grey Master Crest (No text)

The logo for the iCons

The logo for the Tearoom

EngSoc Crest No Words.jpg
EngSoc Master Crest (no text)

EngSoc Crest Palatino Grey.png
EngSoc Crest, Palatino Grey

EngSoc Visual Identity Guide.pdf
A guide to the visual identity of Engsoc
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