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comm logo new.psd
A redesign of the old communication team's logo. It includes the .psd, .png files of the logo. Unlike the other versions of this logo, this one has text around the logo.

EngSoc PowerPoint Template (Widescreen).pptx
The EngSoc PowerPoint Template in both Standard and Widescreen formatting

EngSoc Business
EngSoc Business Card Resource

EngSoc Crest - No
EngSoc Crest without text

EngSoc Crest Master.png
EngSoc Master Crest (No text)

EngSoc Crest No Words Grey.jpg
EngSoc Grey Master Crest (No text)

EngSoc Crest No Words.jpg
EngSoc Master Crest (no text)

EngSoc Crest Palatino Grey.png
EngSoc Crest, Palatino Grey

EngSoc Logo.pdf
EngSoc Logo, Black and White

fc congrats.jpg
Announcement of FREC Committee members

Settings for Watermarks.png
Visual display of optimal watermark settings within editing program

Slap Bracelet
"I love the smell of lanolin in the morning" - EngSoc advertisement for various services

Slap Bracelet
Presentation background

Slap Bracelet
Presentation background

EngSoc Visual Identity Guide.pdf
A guide to the visual identity of Engsoc
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